..... a ministry of love
Photo Gallery
Julie is our love gift.  Here at Open Arms we appreciate
all who come through our doors.  For Julie her
challenges are great but we just keep on loving her
through all the tough times.  Society said Julie would
never be able to live a stable life.  In christ, we are
looking forward to her deliverance.
Last days at the thrift store before our trip to
seattle, Was with
our spiritual father and mother Ben and Linda
Baptizing one of our women with her husband
after being with us for one year she was reunited
with her husband.
One of our resident youth who graduated June,
2013 and went on to college!!!
David playing with one of the children of our single
moms.  This was during our Saturday cookouts at
the farm.
Tierra and her mom came to us through our Mobile Mechanic
service and mom is now being raised up to hold her own
group with single moms in need.  We dedicated Tierra to the
Lord last year.
Our Open Arms Family is growing !!!